Dieting? Done.
Self-sabotage? See ya.
Food labels? Long gone.
Poor body image? Not you.
Scale sadness? O-V-E-R.

Buckle up, my friend. We're going to make some massive shifts together in this free 5-day Food Freedom Challenge.

Get off the diet rollercoaster today!

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    Shawn Mynar

    Holistic Nutritionist +

    Mindset Coach

    Who am I?

    A chocolate-loving nutritionist, mindset expert, podcaster, and entrepreneur with an obsession for helping women find true health and real happiness.

    I spent over 20+ years of my life on a diet. Or rather, every diet. You name it, I tried it. For 20 years, I made it my mission to make myself smaller, convinced that was the only way to get what I wanted out of life—health, happiness, love, and confidence.

    Finally, a rock bottom moment back in 2016 opened up my eyes to the REAL work I needed to do...in my mind.

    I am proud to have built a health-conscious platform that encourages women to explore ALL aspects of themselves — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual — to live the life of their dreams.

    What will you learn?

    I've got a secret —diets don't work. As badly as we want the next diet trend to be the one, it never is. Why? Because it's not about the food. Yes, a nutritionist is telling you food isn't your problem.

    That's right, you don't have to count calories and carbs, deprive yourself of your favorite foods, or go to bed hungry every night. Creating a healthy, balanced, thriving body starts in your mind.

    Over the next 5 days, I'll give you 5 different tools to uncover what's really at the root of your diet and body image behavior so you can stop obsessing about your plate or the number on the scale and start living the healthy, happy, purposeful life you're meant to live.

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